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Make reading and writing a game !

Choose your own postal mail adventure for 5 to 10 year-old-children

Starting from 13,99€/month


From the very first letter, our mail is entirely personalized according to your child


Each letter is then read by an author, which allows an answer adapted to your child


Epopia was developped with professionals to make children enjoy reading and writing

So how does it work?


Children receive and read their letters


They write and send their answers


The following mails are personalized according to their choices

My daughter was so happy, she got to know the characters of her kingdom at once with the gifts that came with her mail. She doesn’t leave her crown and can’t wait to reveive her answer!


Our stories

My Kingdom


My Wildlife Park

Taste for reading

Epopia allows to reconnect with reading and writing through its paper medium


We help to develop children's imagination away from screens

Self confidence

Each choice made by the children is positively taken into account to boost their self-confidence

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no obligation, regardless of the story

Get your child's book at the end of the story! 

Live the full experience with your child by ordering the final book of their adventures!

To make the story last forever, Epopia puts together in one book:

  • All the letters received by your child
  • All the letters sent by your child
  • The drawings sent by your child
  • Unreleased sketches

You receive that way an entire personalized book with your child as the author!

Schools are thrilled! 

Discover how your class can take part in a story where children will decide collectively the next steps of their adventures! Through postal mail, the whole class will share a big adventure that will encourage intense debates and wich will be the perfect tool to make pupils read, write and to give them food for thought.

Epopia offers extraordinary advendures to make your children read, write and dream. When we were their age, we loved to picture ourselves as kings or queens, explorers, pirates or treasure hunters… Let us remember how excited we were to receive a letter in the mailbox. Our children are just the same!

With Epopia, the characters of the story send letters to your child, who thus becomes the heroe of their own adventures. Be they a boy or a girl, they will gain access to the highest responsibilities and think thouroughly about how to command and to solve mysteries. They write their answers and post them to determine the next steps of the story. For the first time, your child becomes the real hero and author of their own adventure.

Epopia is a revolutionary reading material that is adapted to your child’s reading level, whether they are 5, 8, or 10 years old. Developped and approved by education specialists, speech therapists, child psychiatrists and school teachers, these stories allow children to live great adventures with optimal reading comfort, reassuring them in their learning process and giving them self-confidence.

Winner of many innovation prices, Epopia’s postal letters also allow a totally unique interactivity, as well as a personalization level of the texts far above any other reading material today. With Epopia, you will enter a new literary dimension: the first interactive physical book!