We are reinventing the book...

With Epopia, one fine day, your child will find a letter addressed to them from the residents of a faraway land. The reader plays the central role (king, queen, explorer, director, etc.) and the characters ask for their help. In the letters your child receives, the characters describe events and ask questions: there are decisions to make, activities to complete, puzzles to solve, and more!

Your child must then respond with their own letter. The rest of the story depends on them!

Letter after letter, your child carries on written correspondence – reading and writing while experiencing a heart-stopping adventure!

Votre enfant est le véritable héros !

...by making your child the hero of the story...

Crown your child king or queen of a magical kingdom or appoint them director of a large nature preserve. You choose the theme for your child and then let them take control of their own adventure.

With Epopia, for the first time, the text is adapted to the reading level of your child for optimal reading comfort and to help them advance at their own pace. You no longer need to look for an age-appropriate gift, the adventure itself will adapt to your child’s level to tell them a story unlike any other.

Each detail of Epopia was developed and fine-tuned to spark the imagination of your child and involve them in the adventure. In each letter, several characters write to your child. There is also a card to fill out, learning sheets, activities to do and even surprises from the story that they can touch and smell - something to take them to another world.

Votre enfant est le véritable héros !

...to make reading a dream!

Epopia opens a new door to the world of reading and writing. Developed by writers and learning professionals, these stories are a fun and motivating tool to encourage your child to read and write, and together you can share a moment of fun and magic.

Discover a richly developed story that awakens your child's intelligence and makes them the real hero of the story.

Votre enfant est le véritable héros !