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The concept

Epopia is an interactive role play based on postal mail designed as a tool to develop imagination and infuse the love of reading to 5 to 10 year-old-children

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Our stories

Child posting a letter Your child receives
reads their letters.
They write and
return their answers
The following response
is personalized
according to
their choices.
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How does it work ?

With Epopia, one fine day, your child finds in the mailbox a letter addressed to them, from the residents of a faraway land. The reader plays the central role (king, queen, explorer, director, etc.) and the characters ask for their help. In the letters your child receives, the characters describe events and ask questions: there are decisions to be made, activities to complete, puzzles to solve, and more!

Your child must then respond with their own letters. The rest of the story depends on them!

Letter after letter, your child carries on a written correspondence – reading and writing while experiencing a breathtaking adventure!

What our customers say


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Delphine, maman d'Ewan (7 ans)

Ewan était très impatient d'ouvrir son premier courrier hier soir et a lu toutes les lettres d'un coup ! Nous l'avons tous appelé '' Sa Majesté '' le temps d'une soirée et il était tellement fier... Il a également adoré l'amuseur qui a les mêmes goûts que lui et a dit : " C'est mon double !!! Lui, ce sera mon meilleur ami au Royaume !! "
Ce matin son grand frère a essayé de lui faire croire que si on voulait le garder incognito loin du Royaume c'est qu'un coup d'État se préparait, et Ewan a soutenu qu'il avait confiance en sa garde Royale !

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Thomas, papa de Margot (8 ans)

Des hurlements de joie, le bonheur de recevoir un courrier à son nom et de découvrir tous les différents objets de l'enveloppe. Ses yeux se sont mis à briller. Margot a hurlé : "J'ai été choisiiiiie ! C'est moi la nouvelle Directrice !" Et elle a lu directement tous les courriers et a voulu répondre dans les 10 minutes suivant sa lecture. J'ai dû la tempérer un peu, mais quel bonheur pour un papa de voir tant de bonheur et de motivation non liés à une tablette, un portable ou un écran. Super concept et super exécution. Continuez à faire rêver nos enfants, ça n'a pas de prix !

Schools love us too!

Schools love us too!

Find out how to involve your pupils and let them decide collectively how the story will evolve! Through postal mail, your pupils will share a thrilling adventure that will lead to passionate debates. It will be the most engaging reading and writing material.

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A gift to help read, write and grow


Epopia was designed to encourage your child to read, write and dream. When we were children, we loved to pretend we were king or queen or an explorer or pirates hunting for a lost treasure… Remember how excited you would get when a letter arrived for you in the mail? Our children are the same!


With Epopia, the characters in the story write letters to your child, who becomes the hero in their own adventure. Your child is given great responsibilities within the story and they have to think hard to solve puzzles and mysteries. They then write their own response and send it by mail. This will determine how the story continues. For the first time, your child will actually become the hero and take charge of their own adventure.


Epopia is a revolutionary reading aid that is adapted to the reading level of your child, whether they are 5, 8 or even 12 years old. Developed and approved by educators, speech therapists, child psychologists and school teachers, these adventures provide your child the opportunity to experience amazing adventures at a reading level optimized for them. This helps your child gain self-confidence as well as confidence in their reading skills.


Epopia has won numerous innovation awards for its totally unique concept. It combines letter writing, which is unheard of in this day and age, with personalized stories at an appropriate reading level for each child. This is the kind of personalized attention that you can’t find anywhere else. Epopia takes you to a new literary dimension: the first interactive adventure for children using paper and a pen!

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